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IRS Whistleblower Lawyer Putting You First

Paying taxes to the IRS is a responsibility almost every individual and company has. And there are few things the government takes more seriously than a failure to pay your taxes.

But some people or entities are so good at covering their tracks that they are getting away with massive fraud. That tax money should go to providing public services instead of making a rich person richer.

An IRS tax fraud whistleblower may be the only one who can bring these fraudsters to justice. The IRS Whistleblower Program has recovered billions of dollars in recent years, with nearly $500 million recovered in 2020 alone.1

If you know someone or a company that is cheating the government of the taxes they owe, you may have an IRS whistleblower claim.

How much is an IRS tax fraud whistleblower reward? Whistleblowers can receive up to 30% of the government’s recovery. Call us at 1-888-292-8852 for a free and confidential evaluation today.

What are examples of IRS whistleblower claims?

Here are some common examples of actions that can lead to an IRS whistleblower claim:

  • Tax fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Underpayment of taxes
  • Criminal schemes
  • Other violations of IRS tax law

Common methods for trying to get away with tax fraud include:

  • Underreporting
  • Too many deductions
  • Hidden assets
  • Fake or falsified records
  • Moving assets offshore

You don’t need to be a tax expert to suspect when something improper is going on. Do you think an individual or company is stealing from the government by failing to pay their taxes? Contact us today. We’ll review your case confidentially and tell you how we can help.

Did You Know?  You don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to collect a reward for blowing the whistle on tax fraud.

What is the IRS whistleblower process?

The IRS whistleblower process goes something like this:

  1. We submit your IRS whistleblower form, along with evidence. The IRS generally protects the identity of whistleblowers to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  2. We use our vast experience to explain to the government why they should take your case.
  3. The IRS reviews our submission and argument and, ideally, opens an investigation.
  4. Once the investigation, court proceedings, and/or settlement negotiations are done, we fight for the maximum possible reward.
  5. If we don’t agree with a reward, we can generally appeal to the Tax Court.

Our You-First Policy

Throughout the process, our responsibility to you remains the same. Under our You-First Policy, we will fight for your protection from retaliation. In fact, if your employer retaliates against you for reporting tax fraud, you may be entitled to additional significant compensation on top of the whistleblower award you may receive.

Why should you be a whistleblower? Discover the many reasons why people choose to come forward.

How Can Carolina Whistleblower Attorneys Help Me?

Our experienced attorneys can:

  • Cut through the jargon and tell you if you have a case
  • Help you present your whistleblower case
  • Guide you as the IRS investigates and potentially takes action against the fraudster you reported
  • Fight for your protection from retaliation

You should consult with an attorney before taking any action on your whistleblower claim. The IRS has specific rules on the process for coming forward as a whistleblower and retaining your eligibility for a possible reward.

You might be unsure if you have a claim. We have the experience and knowledge to help you with virtually any type of fraud you’ve encountered.

Our team is led by a former attorney for the federal government, appointed by the White House. Now, he uses his inside experience to help whistleblowers pursue justice and seek a maximum possible IRS tax fraud whistleblower award. Overall, our team has decades of combined experience and a track record that speaks for itself.1,4

Chat with a real person right now, call us at 1-888-292-8852 at any time, or contact us online for a confidential and free consultation.

Awards we’ve won

For standards of inclusion for awards listed, visit,,,, and National Trial Lawyers Top 100 designation is for 2022. Regarding the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, we do not represent that similar results will be achieved in your case. Each case is different and must be evaluated separately. Firm award is for the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. Attorney awards are for attorneys with the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin.

Contact the Carolina
Whistleblower Attorneys

If you’re wondering if it’s a good idea to speak with a whistleblower lawyer about what you know, let us set the record straight.

  • Corporate ethics hotlines can be risky and may lead to termination. If you’ve already done this, call us immediately.
  • Your coworkers could be aware of the fraud – or complicit in it – and you should not talk to them about it.
  • The first claim to be filed under the False Claims Act can proceed – if you’re not first, you’re at a serious disadvantage and may get nothing (another reason not to speak to your coworkers about it).
  • A confidential discussion costs you a few minutes, but could save you time, stress, and money.


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