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Reporting Fraud Against the Government in North and South Carolina

What you need to know about whistleblower/qui tam lawsuits and how we can help protect you.

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If you suspect that your employer or someone else is committing or has committed fraud using government funds, you may have many questions about what to do next.

Stepping forward to become a government fraud whistleblower is a brave decision, the right decision – and potentially a very lucrative one. However, you may not be sure if you have a case, or you may be concerned about losing your job, or you may be wondering what the whistleblower process looks like, or perhaps you have another concern.

Whatever your question is, we can help you. If you suspect fraud against the government in North or South Carolina and want to speak to a real person right away, call 1-888-292-8852 or contact us online. We can advise you on the best course of action for you and we put you first in every decision we make.

What is considered fraud against the government?

Fraud against the government can include any fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement of government (and taxpayer) funds, including:

Protections for government fraud whistleblowers: What you need to know

Are you wondering if you’re putting yourself and your job at risk by reporting fraud against the government? An experienced whistleblower attorney understands the ins and outs of the False Claims Act’s protections for whistleblowers. Speak to one as soon as possible to learn how the law protects you from retaliation.

Tip: Don’t report your concerns internally or discuss them with a coworker. Call an experienced Carolina Whistleblower Attorney right away to try to protect your best interests. It’s free.

Icon of a bag of money.What rewards for whistleblowers are available?

The satisfaction of achieving justice isn’t the only possible reward for government fraud whistleblowers. You may also receive up to 30% of the government’s recovery in a successful case. This can be a life-changing amount.

Whistleblower process when reporting fraud against the government

Icon of the scales of justice.The whistleblower process can be complex, which is why you must have a whistleblower attorney under the law. Key moments during the whistleblower process can include:

  • Determining if your employer or another is committing fraud using government funds
  • Presenting your potential case to the government
  • Deciding whether to continue pursuing your case if the government declines to intervene
  • Seeking a maximum reward in a successful case

For each of these steps and more, you want a large team of attorneys on your side with the knowledge, experience, and resources to maximize your odds of success.

What is qui tam?

crown icon“Qui tam” refers to a lawsuit brought by an individual citizen on behalf of the government under the False Claims Act (FCA). So, qui tam and FCA whistleblowing generally refer to the same thing.

A qui tam/FCA government fraud whistleblower may be entitled to up to 30% of the government’s recovery in a successful case.

Whistleblower lawsuits in NC: A complete guide

NC State IconIf you’re in North Carolina and suspect fraud against the government, the federal False Claims Act is often the law that primarily governs your case, though there are a few North Carolina whistleblowing specifics you may wish to know.

North Carolina whistleblowers can speak to a real person any time about their questions and concerns. Call 1-888-292-8852 today to get clarity on your case at no cost and no obligation. The call is completely confidential.

Whistleblower lawsuits in SC: A complete guide

SC State IconWhistleblower law in South Carolina is also generally governed by the federal False Claims Act. If you suspect fraud against the government in South Carolina, discuss your case confidentially with an experienced attorney before you do anything else.

Don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk and don’t jeopardize a potential whistleblower award.

How do I know if I have a whistleblower case?

question mark iconFraud is often hard to detect, and those who commit fraud against the government often go to significant lengths to hide it. If you suspect wrongdoing, you can read about some examples of fraud against the government and which industries are infested with fraud.

Why hire an attorney experienced in reporting fraud against the government?

thumbs up iconTo report fraud under the False Claims Act, the law requires that you hire a whistleblower attorney. But how do you choose the right attorney for you? Many firms have never handled a whistleblower case.

At Carolina Whistleblower Attorneys, you’re in good hands. The team at Carolina Whistleblower Attorneys is led by Bill Nettles, former U.S. attorney who helped lead the nation on whistleblower recoveries.1,4 Bill and his team have the experience to help you navigate every step of the whistleblower process.

Three advantages to having a former US attorney handle your whistleblower case.

How Carolina Whistleblower Attorneys can help you report fraud against the government

At Carolina Whistleblower Attorneys:

  • We know how to spot hard-to-identify fraud based on our decades of combined knowledge. Don’t let your potential case fall through the cracks.
  • We know who to talk to in the government and how to present your case effectively. If the government joins your case, it is likely to be successful.
  • We have the resources and knowledge to help you continue to pursue your case even if the government decides not to join. A successful case without the government’s assistance may entitle you to a larger reward.
  • At the end of a successful case, we know how to seek the greatest possible reward on your behalf. We have helped many whistleblowers become millionaires.1,4

Contact Carolina Whistleblower Attorneys today for a confidential case evaluation

And there’s no need to worry about cost. We have a risk-free guarantee. This means we will not collect any attorney’s fee if we don’t recover compensation for you. Guaranteed.2

Reach out online today or by calling 1-888-292-8852 any time for a free, confidential conversation about your whistleblower case. There is no obligation.